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This was a read that I couldn't put down.
Vera is a golem. A being created in the image of a teenage girls named Chaya. Chaya was murdered. Chaya's father Ezra creates Vera to get revenge.
Ezra isn't kind and loving to his creation. She's not his daughter. Even though she looks like her, and has parts of her (and her memories) inside her.
Vera is an interesting protagonist. Not quite the monster she was created to be, but a being (made of clay with kishuf - magic ) that is experiencing a lot of things and feelings for the first time. She doesn't only feel the purpose she was made for.
After Ezra disappears, she meets Akiva (the boy Chaya was fighting with and cared about) and sets out to find him. She's also out for vengeance while finding herself.
Then she comes upon something just like her. That's fighting for the other side...
This was a fast read for me. Maybe because I was so interested in the characters and what would happen next.
It's YA, it's horror, it's sci fi, it's coming of age. Even though it's a mash up of a few genres the end result is perfect.