Frankenstein Meets Captain America

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A bereft Jewish father crafts a golem from ancient magic to be a fighter of vengeance against the Nazis. Vera knows she is a creation, and struggles to reconcile her own thoughts and feelings with the angry purpose crafted by her creator, and the memories and experiences inherited from his daughter - whose corpse was used to make her own form.

Wow, so I didn't really know what to expect, but this book brought it all. Existential dread a la Frankenstein. Action-packed plots and mystery right out of a super hero movie. And of course all the tears and feels, because this is a WWII book too. I wasn't too sure how to feel about the resolution at the end - the plot wraps quickly, and in some ways feels like a new beginning, although Vera's internal journey does come full circle - so don't expect to be seeing a story that brings some grand change to the war. It's a snapshot of the time, and in the end, the focus is Vera's story, not the course of history.

**Thanks to BookishFirst for the ARC**