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Thank you to InkYard Press and Netgalley for an e-arc of this book.

When Vera first becomes aware, she breaths revenge. After being created in the image of her creator's late daughter as a golem to wreck vengeance on the Nazis and sympathizers, Vera is full of strength, rage, and the memories of the girl from whom she was formed. But when her creator disappears, she will have to learn to live in the world on her own, finding her own purpose amongst what was created for her.

I really loved this book. The historical setting really drew me in and I was immediately hooked with the flashback scene. I absolutely love Vera and loved watching her grow and learn to become her own person and not the shadow of someone else. The other characters in this story are also interesting and there was a part--which I won't say because spoilers--that absolutely broke my heart.

Aden Polydoros does such a great job interweaving Jewish folklore with a new twist on golems that I've never seen before, and I really loved it. This is definitely one to read!

CW: antisemitism, death, murder, mass murder, body horror