YA fantasy with a heavy political aspect

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Woven in Moonlight by Isabel Ibañez is a well written YA story that blends in Bolivian politics, history, and culture. You can tell through her writing that the author has a deep knowledge and feels a strong connection to the culture. The words flow effortless and it was easy to keep reading once I started this one.

Ximena the heroine of WIM is posing as the Condesa of the Illustrian’s in order to keep the true queen safe. Although she is in a faux place of power and her loyalty is to her people, she would be happier to no longer play the role of decoy. Before the true queen can take over Ximena is forced to wed the enemy.

I think this book is probably best read by reading the blurb and then going in blind. What I will say is that Ximena goes on a journey that opens her eyes to more than what she’s always known. She’s forced to make hard choices and ones that she isn’t too keen on. I sort of love that even though this one is clearly political, it also has the viewpoint that maybe we should hear all sides. That we aren’t always 100% right. There’s a bit of romance in this one as well. I can’t say that I thought it was strong, but it’s YA and I’d consider this more YA political fantasy, than YA romance, so the weakness of the romance is fine with me. I love the world that Ibañez created, and although this story is complete, I can’t wait to read what’s to come!