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I had trouble getting into this book and I ended up not finishing it. I couldn't connect with the writing, lack of world building, and the characters. The book draws from Bolivian politics and history. I'm always all for learning about other countries and cultures as I can appreciate the differences and positives that comes from one's experiences. I felt it was poorly executed and unfortunately was unable to finish the book. I know some feel that you can't give an accurate review if you didn't finish the book, but I think not finishing it and giving reasons why you didn't is a valid review. I don't have much spare time as it is and reading is a source of entertainment and enjoyment. I want to be able to spend my free time with things I enjoy doing and would rather not waste my free time on something I do not enjoy. I don't think you should force yourself to finish a book if you're not enjoying it. This is just how I felt with this book.