Excellent Women’s Fiction

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Lori Mendenhall has been in a horrific car accident. She has suffered a traumatic brain injury and has spent months in a rehabilitation hospital. Her physical limitations are not her biggest problem. She cannot remember the last nine years preceding the accident. To compound her anguish, she has been told her little boy, Austin, did not survive the crash.
Lori has a long road ahead of her. What happened in her life those nine years before? Her little girl, Avery, is now a sulky teenager. Her husband, Michael, seems caring, but something is definitely off. Her neighbor, who she is told was a good friend, hates her husband. Lori is left heartbroken, confused and frustrated.
This book was real page turner right from the start. The mystery of those nine years eventually comes back to Lori, but not without a lot of drama and heartbreak along the way.