what exactly is the point?

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Raxter. The name of the island, and the small girls' boarding school on it. And now, the Raxter Phenonomen, or the Tox, which is turning the island, and everything on it wild in various ways. Nearly all of the teachers, and many of the students are already dead, and those who remain are holed up on the school grounds, waiting for the Navy and the CDC which are supposedly working on a cure. Or are they? It's clear that everything is not as it seems, and you'll keep reading this book to try to figure out what the real story is. What is the Tox? Where did it come from? And is everyone actually on the same side?

Not all of those questions come with clear answers, although they're all answered enough to be satisfying by the end of the book. But the one big question I was left with was, what was the point of this book? Was it supposed to be something like Lord of the Flies where we see what happens to a society of adolescents when they're left on their own in dangerous circumstances? Or was it supposed to be more about the Tox itself? I just couldn't figure out what I was supposed to be getting out of this book. Like I said, though, you will keep reading right to the end just to see who, if anyone, makes it out alive and whether they have any answers with them if they do.