Ugly truth

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This book was such a quick read. I found it had a very big sense off loss. The girls are on this island watching each other suffer immense pain and suffering. When you think about it it’s incredibly sad to imagine their struggles as they are just children. I found the description of the pox very cringy and definitely made me shudder to think about each of the girls and the illness they were suffering. I think where it lost me a little is it became a little repetitive and some characters weren’t fully developed. Overall I would recommend to people who enjoyed books about apocalyptic premises. There were many times the description of the illness made my skin crawl.
I did enjoy the 3 friends who were constantly there for each other and of course they commit to their friendship in the most traumatic time of their lives. I think I would consider this a bit of a horror, so a good spooky time read!