Mysterious but Slow Paced

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It honestly was difficult getting through this story. While the premise of a Lord of the Flies-like story about girls surviving on their school island was intriguing, it is difficult to get through the story as it feels sluggish. There is also a shift in perspective and I cannot say I enjoyed the other perspective either. I appreciate the sapphic representation and the dedication of how these girls survive, but the novel's beautiful cover isn't enough to make the story stand out. The romantic aspect of it feels weak and underdeveloped and the plot points feel unsurprising. I, unfortunately, had to DNF the book, but for its efforts, it gets a medium rating.

Also, I would warn readers to make note of the author's recent problematic stances as they refused to stand up against their friend's racism and antisemitism and apparently had allegedly gone as far as make the writing space unwelcome to authors of color.