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I really loved the cover, the rest was just whatever. I’m feeling underwhelmed right about now, I saw this book on booktok. And I liked the idea but the novel isn’t anything great or really anything unique.

There are some stories that make you feel, that make you connect, and that draw emotions form you. This story didn’t do it for me, it just doesn’t have that effect. There was a deattachment that I never really like with books.

This books gives me the same vibes as lord of flies. Which is a book that I unfortunately did not love as well, same rating as this.

There were some things that I did like however. The feminism is good, it’s always super nice to see that! There is a undertone of horror which was cool, could’ve been way more creepier for sure.

Also the writing style was pretty cool, I actually really liked that. Second to the cover. Not anything amazing, but not the worst read!