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Just okay

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I wanted to love this book; the premise was everything I might be interested in - Lord of the Flies inspiration, infection, all girl cast, horror. But I feel like the advertising hyped this book up to be a lot of things that it wasn't. There were specific scenes that created a really spooky ambiance and felt like it belonged in a horror book. Those scenes I really liked. I specifically enjoyed the sections of the book from Byatt's POV and felt like those lived up to the hype. What I felt like I struggled with was how sluggish the opening was. The beginning felt really long; instead of showing the reader the Tox and the world building and the relationships, it felt like a lot of it was info-dumpy and was a bit of a slog to read. I personally felt like the romance aspect of the book didn't really add anything to the story and I could have personally done without it, but that's more of a personal preference. I'd have loved to seen more specific scenes with the characters dealing with the virus directly, maybe even what it was like at the beginning. A decent story, but not quite what I was expecting going in.