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I expected more

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I thought this would be a book I absolutely loved. Unfortunately I can’t say it was.

I have three main problems with the book. The writing, particularly the sentence structure, the pacing of the book, and the lack of character development.

First off, much of the sentences are written in a choppy format. I know this is intentional at times to deliver the sense of confusion the girls felt, but I didn’t work for me and I’ve seen this tactic done much better in other books.

The pacing was off for me. The ending felt rushed and it felt like not much thought was put into it. It seemed abrupt.

I also did not feel connected to any of the characters. I wasn’t rooting for anyone and I didn’t have strong feelings about what happened to them.

At the beginning I found the tox intriguing but after a while it felt repetitive and not that interesting.