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First of all, I love the cover artwork for this book. It was the first thing to draw me in and make me want to see what it’s about. I thought this book was the perfect amount of creepy and eerie to make it a really good, atmospheric read. There was a nice mysterious vibe to it that I enjoyed. Basically all of the girls on the island are in quarantine because of an illness that left all of them with physical abnormalities and also killed quite a few of them. They’re fenced in and are told that outside of the fence is super dangerous and they can’t go. One of the girls goes missing and the others might have to go outside the fence to figure out what’s going on. I love a good school setting, and this was certainly a warped one, not a school I would wish to attend, but it was an interesting setting. I would recommend this one as a nice fall read without being too spooky. Just atmospheric and eerie. Overall I really enjoyed Wilder Girls!