Completely Enthralling!

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This book had me sucked in right from the beginning. It is the kind of story that at first you feel like you came in in the middle but not in a confusing way. You don't get all of the backstory about what is exactly going on right away, it is little bits throughout the story.

The Tox has caused the girls of Raxter Island to be isolated from the mainland for 18 month. They have had no contact with the outside world apart from supply drops in that time. The girls are confined to the school grounds under quarantine due to the Tox. For the most part, the girls must fight for the limited resources that they are given. Given that the girls are all malnourished and their bodies are being destroyed by the Tox, the only hope they have is that the doctors with the CDC are working on a cure. Throughout all of this, the girls of Raxter really have become wilder in order to survive.

Definitely a good read if you like story with a bit of a creepier twist to it.