Vividly detailed look at Jazz scene in 1920s Chicago.

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This beautiful historical fiction debut novel is captivating and compelling! Set in the 1920s during the Jazz scene and the gangster and speakeasy culture of Chicago. Illinois, it hits the ground running with the introduction of a Creole girl and sharecropper's daughter, Honoree Delcour. Honoree moves to Chicago with dreams of becoming a dancer in one of the new "black and tan"clubs.

Meticulously researched and vividly detailed with imagery such as ,"she changed into a jade chiffon gown with a sheer lace bodice and low back decorated with a rhinestone clasp at the waist. A jeweled silver headband adorned her new boy-cut style haircut, and she double-looped the long stand of white pearls around her neck, allowing the length to touch the middle of her back with a loose strand at her bosom" I quickly was drawn into the fascinating world and realized this description was of Honoree picture on the book's cover!

Real larger than life characters such as, Al Capone, Machine Gun Kelly, Alberta Hunter, Josephine Baker, Papa Johnny, Louis and Lil Hardin Armstrong and the legendary black film maker Oscar Micheaux are peppered across the pages like a Tommy gun gone wild!
Don't miss this book! Denny S. Bryce is on to something new here with this dazzling leap into
historical fiction.

Thank you to BookishFirst and Kensington Publishing Company for an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.