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A Roaring Jump through Time

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This sounds like an interesting take of a historical fiction bringing modern day and the roaring twenties together. I love when books bring together two different time periods like this. All the Flowers in Paris did it and it made for a heartfelt magical journey through time which I feel the reader will get to experience much the same in this tale. It is sure to be a blast with flappers, all that jazz to razzle and dazzle the reader but with the modern day flash keep the story grounded and present. The parallel time periods will be interesting to see the differences and similarities, if there are any. Based off the little I have read so far I believe this is a story that I would enjoy and my followers of my bookstagram will find interesting. With the heart and emotion that this story is sure to deliver along with the magic and mystery that goes with the two different worlds I am sure it will be a journey that noone will soon forget.