My most anticipated TBR for the Fall!

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The cover of Wild Game immediately draws me in because it speaks to another time period, and I love a story that expands across time. While we are present with the beginning of the conflict in the beginning, I can only assume Rennie will find herself as she grows.

I was drawn in upon my first look because you can already feel Rennie's internal conflict (and the joy it brings her) to be recognized/wanted by her mother. I can't help but feel that her mother is using her position as mother to drag Rennie into something no child (teenager) should have to go through.

The writing was very descriptive that I felt I was in the kitchen having a bourbon with family and friends and myself. I could feel Rennie's excitement at having her mother's confidence over, what I can only assume, is the beginning of her affair.

I am really looking forward to this book. It seems like one that will bring out many emotions as I read and those are my favorite kind of stories!