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Ew... Can I give it zero stars?

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I absolutely hated it. From the weird teenage sexual interactions that read as a young girl not knowing how consent should work and the idea that 'once a sexual line is crossed it becomes a given' (gross) to the weird disgusting plot of a child with a narcissistic and horrid mother who drags them in as an accomplice in an affair... Just yuck, yuck, yuck. I'd like to go back in time and un-read that First Look and pretend I never even read the title of this book. Not feeling too keen on the cover either, that's also giving me the heebie jeebies. Writing sexual scenes about a 14 year old getting her nipples teased didn't weird out this author? Jesus Fucking Christ. If she wants to convey the teenage main character is in a time of teenage sexual exploration, she can easily do that while leaving details to the imagination instead of writing it like a steamy romance novel for adults. Disgusting. I can't give this book zero stars?

Update: just realized this is a real memoir of the author's life? Can she still realize her readers don't need vivid recounts of her 14 year old sexual explorations? It's gross to read about from the outside. I hope this woman was able to get the therapy she needed.