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When their husbands are killed trying to rob a security van, Dolly Rawlins, Linda Pirelli and Shirley Miller all find themselves alone. Now in possession of some very powerful ledgers, Dolly decides to use what she has learned to finish what her husband Harry had started. Bringing the other women along for the ride, will the widows be successful or be taken down by either the criminal element or the police?

Widows requires that readers put aside realism for a time and just enjoy a novel about three women deciding to throw caution to the wind. Although I can clearly see how this novel could be adapted easily to film, Widows does not come across as successfully in book format. I found the book to be pretty unrealistic and boring in places. I just cannot see past the fact that these three women were well sheltered and/or pampered in their lives by their loved ones, making it hard to believe that they would even attempt the robbery themselves. I might be interested in the movie, but the book is one I would skip.