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Dolly Rawlins is now a widow, her husband along with a group of other men were killed in a failed armed robbery attempt. While Dolly could just accept this fact and have a very comfortable life living off of the other illegal activities her husband participated in, she decides that she wants to pull off the heist that her husband failed at. She enlists the other help of the other two widows and sets off to accomplish the heist that made all three women widows.

Personally this book seemed highly improbable to me. Yes, everything was laid out and the widows only needed to complete the plan; however, I just did not believe that they would have the skill set or knowledge of how to accomplish this. It is even stated in the book that they knew almost nothing about the illegal activities of their husbands. This made the entire premise fall very flat to me.

I also did not particularly care about any of the characters in this book. It does showcase grieving and how everyone goes about it differently, but these characters could have been anyone, I felt no connection with any of them. I think there were some decent plot points in the book and there are definitely some twists and turns that were well thought out. Also, I think this book left unanswered questions, when it could have been tied up in just one book rather than making it a series. This book was a decent read, but it did not blow me away, I do absolutely love the cover though.