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This is the second book in the Widow’s series. In order to truly understand all the events that are happening in this story, I feel you really need to read the first book.

The Widows are back and out to eliminate someone who wants the money they grabbed during a well planned robbery. After a nice beginning, while relaxing in Rio, it’s time to ensure they keep the money they acquired. There is some character development on the part of Dolly, who was the original ringleader. She’s starting to care about the other members of her team, and it shows. Dolly isn’t quite as bossy in this book. The author also showed us a softer, damaged side to Linda who was very brash in the first book. Shirley is naïve, and that causes problems for her, and the last character, Bella goes from standoffish and bossy to soft and caring.

Overall the book was pretty good; although once again, I could do without all the swearing dishonoring God and the sex scenes that don’t add a thing .