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The cover is just as striking and iconic as its predecessor. It’s sure to get the attention of all the fans out there, and hopefully pull in a few new ones as well. I can picture it perfectly on the shelves now, and I know it’ll be an attention grabber.

This novel is going to be perfect for anybody out there that loved Lynda La Plante’s novel Widow. It picks up almost exactly where the first one left off, and already looks like it’s going to be just as intense and amazing.
I also think that new fans could pick up this novel and fall in love. Lynda La Plante included a quick summary of the first novel, to get fans up to speed (or as a quick refresher for those that need it). So don’t let the fact that it’s a sequel discourage you from reading it. That being said: if you get the change please do try to read Widow, it’ll add so much to this sequel. I have no doubt.