This was soo good!

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If you like k-dramas, this book is totally for you. It’s just a k-drama in the form of a book, all the same aspects. To start off this book feel like korean, like it was legit and cultural. It didn’t have that western touch to it, it was authentic which really liked. I think the setting of this book especially added to that.

Also the characters were great, I loved Miyoung and Jisoo. And their relationship was absolutely adorable, I’m so glad I read this. This book was fast paced, and it would depend on what type of reader you are, wether or not you like that. I really don’t, I like my books slow paced.

But this didn’t quite have that, so that was not so good. And well the writing is meh, but I really do like the plot and the concept as well as the characters so I think it did cancel out. It’s a good read, it’s light and it definitely has the k-drama vibes.