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like a movie!

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wow! I wasn't expecting much from this book but the second i read the first line in the very first chapter I knew i was gonna be attached. I love the Korean mythology in it! This book passed ny expectations, I wont spoil anything since their may be some people who haven't read the book! But this book takes #2 in my top 10 list for sure! The first few chapters had me in love with the book! I didn't only fall in love with the book but with the characters themselves, they were such badasses which I loved! I would 100% recommend this book to someone if they asked me for book recommendations! Oh and the cover was beautiful! When I first saw the book I instantly thought "sis the book covers pretty we HAVE to get it!" And I'm super glad I ended up taking this book home with me! The cover is soooo pretty wth! The author did such a good job with this book in my personal opinion!