Feels like I'm watching (more like reading) a Korean drama

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As a person who grew up watching a lot of Korean dramas (albeit I'm not really Korean), I have to say that I LOVE this book. I enjoyed reading about how the author incorporated Korean mythology in the story to create an urban fantasy novel involving Gumihos!

The general structure of this story reminded me of a Korean drama I didn't particularly enjoyed in the past (involving vampires) called "Orange Marmalade." But instead of having a vampire main character, they are a Gumiho. Even the main male character on the cover resembled the leading male character from the Korean drama.

Additionally, the "Orange Marmalade" Korean drama reminded me why I couldn't give "Wicked Fox" a full 5/5. The romance felt sort of instant. I just can't buy it. I prefer stories with a slow burn type of romance and this book just didn't offer that kind of satisfaction for me.

Besides the predictable romance, the revelation felt anticlimactic (in my opinion). It wasn't something that "wowed" or "surprised me." I literally had no emotion when I read it. Even if this had been the case, I enjoyed reading "Wicked Fox." I mean, I did devour this book in one sitting.

"Wicked Fox" could definitely work out as a movie or a tv show since there was just something charming about this book. I feel like many readers of YA would love this one. I can't wait for the author's next book and I hope she does write a book where Junu is the main character.