Can't wait to read this!

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Wicked fox is based on Korean mythology and the main character, Gu Miyoung is a gumiho, a nine-tailed fox who feeds on energy's of men. One day she comes across a goblin attacking a human boy. And, after saving him, they form friendship with one another, and with murderous people after them they have to work together to try and stop them.


This has been on my TBR list forever. I really enjoy reading mythological books. I love to learn about what people believed in and all the myths about it. The character, Gu Miyoung, being a gumiho sounds really interesting. Plus it sounds like the romance might be really good which is always nice. It's nice to see the girl having the powers instead of the guy for once, too. And after reading the first look on here I might actually go and pick up this book soon.
Plus the cover is SUPER pretty. Whoever the cover artist is, he or she is very talented.