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Wicked Fox is everything I look for in a fantasy series. It's brilliant and beautiful. But before I get too far into that, let me get on with my first impressions.

The cover: The cover for Wicked Fox is striking. It immediately caught my eye when I loaded BookishFirst, and I know that it would have stopped me if I was browsing a bookstore (either in person or online).

The description: It's compelling and memorable. I went from intrigued by the pretty cover to really wanting to read this one very quickly.

The first look: I can honestly say that I wish there was more. I desperately want to see what happens next! I loved the writing style, as well as the introduction itself. Miyoung is a fascinating character, and I truly want to learn more about her.

And this is absolutely one of those times where I wish I had enough points to get this copy, because trust me, if I had them, I would use them!