Too many characters!

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This book is very character driven. So many people introduced by the omnipresent narrator. I like detailed characters but these tended to go off on a tangent (sometimes going back to childhood memories), meandering all around and I would lose the plot and lose interest. This is kind of sad because I was intrigued by the idea, especially with the horse diving but then tragedy strikes and no more horse diving. Just a creepy stalker (I about stopped reading when he was introduced and he didn't get better especially his points of view which were gross) and Clive who can see ghosts after helping rescue Two Feathers from the sink hole. He has a graphic scene that was a shock and not needed. Crawford was cool though and Two Feathers. Those were the two characters I liked best. They were both and strong in a time when many looked down on them for their races. I think there were too many characters and most of them were not needed to further the story and it should have mostly stuck with Two Feathers.

There were lots of little history bits which were kind of interesting but also detracted from the plot. It took me much longer to finish this book than I thought it would. Not much mystery or excitement, even the ghosts didn't do much (besides Little Elk). I think this book should have either been straight history, or a lighter fiction. It tried to do too much and that was its downfall. I do not regret reading it and I finished it but I only enjoyed parts.