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I tend to find the suspenseful parts of these books to be how woman are treated in Iraq. It tends to be a lot to handle and at times uncomfortable. I was drawn to this book first by how beautiful the cover was and then by the synopsis. I loved how the author had told a story through 3 different woman points of view. It was easy to follow and capture who’s story was whose. The writing was beautiful and tends to grasp you out of nowhere. I had seen some conflict about this book on the Author experience and could see where it could be problematic. As I did enjoy this book i know it’s one I won’t remember as much. I felt I got all what I needed and wasn’t left with a thought or an impact. I want to thank @bookishfirst for an early peak at this book to catch my interest and for an Instagram win on a physical copy! I still recommend picking up this beautiful book and watch it bloom.