Such a powerful book

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I picked up this book with the sole intention of admiring the cover yet little did I know that I would absolutely adore this story. As a completely captivating debut novel, Wilkinson envokes so much complexity within the stories of the three women through their own struggles. I've fallen so deeply invested in the ups and downs of both the friendships and motherhood arcs. I think that Huda's story of survival and sacrifices really made her as a character stand out. A lot of mothers could agree with Huda and her actions that she placed to protect her teenage son. The measurements of sacrifices and obstacles that she faces only attribute to making her an extremely versatile and important character.
I also enjoyed learning about Rania's storyline and the amount of privilege that she possessed. This contrast between the characters only highlighted the disparities between their own personal struggles. I love a good friendship story and the connection between these two women's lives left me complete and utterly distraught. With the commitments of loyalty and familial ties, this novel definitely hit multiple heartstrings and left me extremely happy that I picked it up.