I was on the edge of my seat

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This is the story of two mothers once childhood friends facing danger in Iraq. It takes place at the time of reign with Saddam Hussein. Rania has a teenage daughter and the regime has their eyes on her. Huda has a teenaged son that is in the threat of being enrolled in resistance training. Both mothers come together to try to sneak their children out of the country to safety. At the same time they are being watched and warned by Saddam's men. There is so much interwoven into this story that you are on the edge of your seat waiting for the next outcome as events take place in their lives. They try to pay someone to smuggle them out of the country. But, they take matters into their own hands. What follows is a nerve-wracking suspense as they flee out of Iraq and being chased. However, they are determined to make the sacrifice to safety and a new life.