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This is a haunting story about the author's experiences in Iraq. It follows three women with entirely different stories of their own. The secrets of these women slowly get revealed as we read on. I liked their friendship and how they all really just connected with each other. While this story may be fictional, the way it was written and the story it told, it felt very real to me. It is clear that the author spent time there, and she is well aware of what she is talking about. There were strong characters and a solid plot, this was a beautiful debut novel. I loved it. My only critique is that some parts were really slow, the pace was slow and it was hard to connect to the characters at times. But all in all, this was a really good novel, the suspense was amazingly written, this was a very eye-opening novel about others' struggles. I loved the atmosphere, the relationships, and the suspense.

3.8 stars!