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I am always fascinated to hear real accounts of what it’s like to live abroad, especially in countries very different than the United States, and although this is fiction, I know it’s loosely based on the author’s real-life experiences, which made When the Apricots Bloom even more fascinating.

I loved the descriptions of the souk and the landscape, and the characters felt very real to me. I definitely want to read more by Gina Wilkinson, and I will definitely be reading When the Apricots bloom again soon (which I normally don’t do but as I’m reading over my review again a few months after I’m finding myself longing to read this book again)!

I may even purchase this book, which I also rarely do anymore. I normally just get my books from the library or Netgalley or borrow from friends, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one and I think I’d love to own it!