Couldn't Put It Down

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All I can say is wow!
I enjoyed the informative nature of this narrative so much. Growing up in the states, I hardly knew of the horrors that took place after the Gulf Wars and the terror that struck Iraq due to all of the oppression and horror that dictator Saddam Hussein implemented during the bout of his rule.

I was really able to acquire a glimpse into the horrors that struck Iraqis for such a long time. I had to pause plenty of time to digest the madness, respecting survivors and their journeys. From the phone tapping, to the enhanced sense of paranoia throughout the towns, these poor people were living in a hell-hole created by one of their own, and it breaks my heart.

Upon reading this novel, my husband and I revisited "How to Be a Dictator" which is a docu-series on several of the most horrific dictators this world has come to know throughout the years. The Netflix series talked of how these monsters came to power and the cruelties that they encouraged upon their people. A lot of those monstrosities matched what Gina Wilkinson depicted in "When the Apricots Bloom" and it was shell-shocking to experience.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who finds an interest in Historical Fiction, especially taking place within the Middle-Eastern regions.