Beautiful Story, Beautifully Told

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Thank you Bookish First and Kensington Books for the opportunity to read and review Gina Wilkinson's When the Apricot's Bloom. I loved the bonus goodies that came with this advance reader's copy too- that cashmere scarf, what!

When the Apricots Bloom offers a glimpse into the lives of three women living in Saddam Hussein's Iraq. Huda, an Iraqi secretary working at the Australian Embassy, is coerced by the Iraqi police into spying on an Australian woman, Ally. We also meet Rania, who grew up with Huda. All three women are strong, brave, and walking a dangerous line between safety and peril. With everything they hold dear to lose, the tension is palpable.

Gina Wilkinson's writing style is just beautiful. The way she gathers her thoughts on paper is poetic and touching. The descriptions made me feel a part of the story and the characters' lives. I love an immersive reading experience, especially one that can take me to a place I've never visited. This is an easy book to recommend!