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‘In Baghdad it was hard to tell what had been destroyed, and what has simply been forgotten’

Gina Wilkinson has written a compelling fist novel in When The Apricots Bloom. Full of mystery and intrigue, the historical fiction takes place in Iraq during Saddam Hussein’s rule of terror. The story is focused around 3 women and how they help each other to protect Iraq’s next generation.

Huda and Rania met as children, going on many adventures and sharing the wonders of nature and childhood. As young adults they decide to fight the regime but in the end they both lose far too much.

Alli’s husband is offered a job in Iraq working for the Australian Embassy. Her mother was an American nurse and worked in Baghdad before she was born. Sadly, she died when Alli was a young child. Huda is also employed at the Australian Embassy in Iraq. Allie asks Huda to escort her to various places in the community so that she can find out more about the mother she never knew. As their friendship forms, Rania and Huda come to Alli with a special request. But will Alli be able to help them?