Surprisingly inspiring

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I thought this would be another typical self-help, overly positive, it's all within you type book but I was surprisingly drawn in by her background and thought-process. This is a book that anyone could gain wisdom from, whether you are Jewish or not. I liked that it is not a religious book either, but drawing from Jewish wisdom, principles and Hebrew terms. I learned a lot about Jewish wisdom and culture through What would you do if you weren't afraid?

Honestly, this book might be even better in audio format so you could learn the pronunciations as well. I would have liked the phonetic spelling with each Jewish principle.

The quotes were a great addition and the questions at the end of each chapter were thought-provoking. Michal has lived a really interesting life, and I think there could be more personal stories, since that was the best part for me (more memoir and less self-help).

I liked this quote...
"Instead of trying to be a different person in each of the different settings of her life, she was simply herself in all of them."