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What would you do if you weren’t afraid?
The title and the main question asked throughout this book.
I loved it. Different from what I normally read but so insightful.
From the title I instantly thought of a bunch of things I would do if I wasn't afraid. Could I change my job? Could I learn something new? Could I come up with a new hobby? The way my relationship is? I like how she touched on all the subjects someone may be stuck on in their life, from self to work to family
And everything in between. And I loved how she used Jewish wisdom to try and teach us different ways to look at things. The end of each chapter has questions to ask yourself while you are on a path to reinventing yourself.
This is great read. I can’t wait to go back over the questions and see if this will help me in my everyday life. Hey even if you have your stuff together this may still be insightful to learn other ways to look at things.