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I don’t read a lot of self-help books, although I always say I should read more, but this book caught my eye so I gave it a shot. What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid by Michal Oshman, was a very interesting book to read. For one I loved how Michal started off each chapter with a tidbit about her Jewish Culture, as someone who isn’t Jewish, it was interesting to learn new things. I also loved how she incorporated her personal stories into what she was saying. A few self-help books I’ve seen, like to tell you what to do but don’t give reasons why you should do it. Michal doesn’t really tell you what you should do, but how she handles certain situations, and maybe you can learn how to handle these situations in your own way. I love that it’s not just one cookie cutter way, because that’s not how humans are. I also loved how short the chapters are and how she’s doesn’t get too wordy or preachy. It was a very interesting book to read.