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exactly what I needed to hear right now

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Michal Oshman has a career that any millennial would envy. As the Head of Culture at TikTok Europe and a Former Leadership Expert at Facebook, Michal has worked at social media sites that take up so much of our day to day lives. I enjoyed reading her stories and the pockets of inspiration she received from her work experience. Some of the advice was exactly what I needed to hear right now. For example, she says that "on the whole most of us, most of the time, are doing well." It can be really easy to get bogged down in thinking that we aren't doing anything right, especially when working in an area with a tough learning curve or when we're able to constantly compare ourselves and our accomplishments to those around us. These little insights feel like tools that I can pull out to remind myself that I am doing fine. The only thing that I could not truly appreciate were the inserts of Jewish verses - I am not a religious person so these were not relatable for me personally.