Empowerment for those with anxiety and leaders

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This was one of the better books I’ve read in a long time and I don’t normally read self help books. As someone with anxiety I found this to be extremely helpful in finding new ways to think about myself and others around me that I lead. I started wanting to power read it through like I do my other books but instead I discovered myself taking a chapter a day. This allowed me to soak through what I’d learned and apply those skills the next day.
The only reason I did not give this book five stars (I would have done 4.5 if I could) was because the ninth chapter was about leading children. I have no problem with children and others will probably not find this an issue like I did. The issue was that there was no disclaimer of “if you don’t have children you can skip or try to apply this into another aspect of your life” but rather it assumed I had children. As a married woman in her twenties the idea of children gets pushed on you a lot so I didn’t really enjoy the assumption.
The rest of the book hands down five stars!