Between self help and auto biography

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I think it is interesting that this book is somewhere in between an auto biography and a self help book. Michal has a pretty interesting life and career, being born in Israel, living in London, working for some major companies, and having 4 kids in between. But the book isn’t really about her, but rather about using Jewish principles as an inspiration to lead a better life. The question/title - What would you do if you weren’t afraid? - is at the same time an inspiration and an invitation to rethink how we face difficulties in life. We can see bad things as obstacles, but we can also see them as opportunities to grow. And I feel like the book in the end is more about that - learning from our mistakes, and also not being afraid of making choices and eventually making mistakes. If you make no mistakes it can mean that you’re maybe not trying hard enough, which makes sense. So basically, you already have the “no” as an answer to anything you still didn’t try in life. What’s the worse it can happen if you try? Maybe change to a yes? Worst case scenario you’re back with the no you already had and can move on and try the next opportunity.