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I also loved the concept that Home is a small sanctuary. I have always viewed my home as my sanctuary. The delightful unfolding of her breakthrough mindset shift and attitude change becomes winsome and attractive as she puts forth the essential ingredients so that anyone interested and determined can craft their own stunning delicacy of a newly born life and a freshly renovated fixer-upper. The hands-down winner from "do-as-I-do" and copy-me-closely gurus who seek to ride the wave of popularity with fans drawn by the charm of empty promises to have a life better quickly without the struggle.
The part of the book where Ms. Oshman discusses a job opportunity where her hair was discussed hit home for me as well. I have curly hair too and have also been advised to straighten it, people take you more seriously if it's straight, etc.
She sums up all her advice with "If you change nothing, nothing will change."
That's exactly it - and her book will give you some amazing advice to do just that.