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Very different from what I expected

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I didn't expect to be interested in this book based on the title and blurb. I'm not really one to enjoy self-help books and have found myself rolling my eyes at the few I've read lately. Too often, they're silly, trite and not at all relatable. Also, I'm not at all religious and don't have a particular interest in reading about religion. Reading the first look, this book was completely different from what I expected. I was in tears by page 16. Michal Osham has an impressive resume and a list of career and personal accomplishments as long as her arm. He also suffers from terrible anxiety that had taken away all of the simple joys from her life. As Osham explained her career resume and how her upbringing helped to lead to her anxiety, I saw myself in so much of what she was saying. She mentions that she will be talking in greater detail in chapter two about confronting her parents and resolving some unfinished business - I feel very compelled to get to chapter two to hear the story of what happened. I’m keenly interested to hear everything that this author has to say, and to read about her journey as she grappled with her personal issues. I also enjoyed her straightforward and plain spoken style of writing. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this book.