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This is a thrilling fantasy, horror book that is just a bit disturbing. Who am I kidding?! This book is really disturbing, and really creepy. I don’t read horror often, or really never, but I’m glad I gave this a chance because I really liked it. The family in this book was so strange and creepy, and so was the plot. The writing style is really unique, it has the same energy and characteristics of a gothic flip from maybe the 90s. While the style was unique it was also not well fit for this book, the pacing was off and I was sometimes very confused on what the heck was happening. Even the conclusion didn’t satisfy me, I still had so many questions about Eleanors’ family and such. This might be one of the strangest and weirdest books i’ve ever read, but at the same time there is just nothing like this. You’re not going to find it. It’s not there. The uniqueness of this book is really just what made me love it so much!