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So first of all, the cover. I love it. She looks all cute and normal, except for the huge frickin teeth.

So, Eleanor. So much has happened to her in such a short time frame. She comes back from almost going ham, ONLY to indirectly kill her grandma. Then, she has to deal with her other (psycho) grandmother. Oof for her.

The character that stood out to me was Arthur. This dude has lovers through GENERATIONS. The Grandmother, The Grandfather, Luma, Eleanor. He's like 60 years old! And he's dead! What is so special about him that you guys are chasing after him? Ugh. ( I still love the whole chemistry with them, though)

Anyways, this is one of those books where you are quietly unsettled. I don't know if you get what I mean ( I hope you do) but there's a certain weight to horror books for me. It's like someone has scared me- but I've had time to calm down. Still heavily unsettled, but not as scared?

This review is all over the place. I just took 2 energy shots.