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While I usually don't write reviews for DNF books, I alas must for this. I decided to set this book down after reaching about 25%. I found it boring and was so disengaged as I write this review, I couldn't even tell you any of the characters names. The pacing was slow and I just felt like this beautiful cover was about all it had going.

This is typically why I don't write reviews for DNF because I haven't finished enough of the book to properly give a review. My rule of thumb is if I get 30% into a book and couldn't tell you a single character or plot point because I am so uninterested,I set it aside. And that is exactly what I did here.

So if you find it slow and are reading this to figure out if you should continue - you picked the wrong review. Because I will tell you to set it aside and move on. This is definitely a book I judged by its cover for it's beauty and didn't work.