A Lovely Spooky Book

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What Big Teeth is a gothic fairytale full of beauty and horror. From the start the cover reveals the beauty and horror you will find in this story. The mix of monster and human gives clues to what you are about to enter into.

Eleanor comes from a family of monsters. Something happens at boarding school that makes her question who she is. She decides to flee to her family home where she finds she doesn’t fit in there either. While there she gets a choice- either save her family or ruin them all. She has to make a choice and with so much confusion Eleanor can’t decide which is the right path.

This story is fantastic. It will pull you in from the first page and spit you out in the end. The emotions that will be brought out while you read this story will be so mixed as you walk through the lives of the Zarrins. It’s dark and twisty and exactly the kind of story I enjoy. I highly recommend if you enjoy monsters and fantasy.