A bit of intrigue, mystique, and the grotesque combine for a winner!

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From the moment I laid eyes on Rose Szabo's "What Big Teeth," I knew I was in for a treat. The cover sucks the reader in, which is a great parallel to the goings-on in the book!

While I'm not usually one for supernatural reads, Szabo's a compelling writer who fills their characters and settings with natural suspense that keeps the reader hooked. From our first introduction to Eleanor Zarrin, who is on the run from her private school to be reunited with her mysterious family who she was unceremoniously ejected from, we know that everything is ever-so-slightly off.

We meet each of the Zarrins in turn, each one a bit more odd than the next, but still endearing. Everybody is hesitant to embrace Eleanor's return, particularly Grandma Persephone, the matriarch of the family. But when Grandma dies while reading Eleanor's tarot cards, leaving Eleanor in charge, Eleanor is forced to unravel the secrets of the people around her in order to protect herself.

Although I haven't read any books where werewolves and witches feature so heavily, I wasn't turned off because Szabo wisely makes the characters likeable, quirky, and even relatable in some ways. The reader wants to unravel the secrets of the Zarrins as much as Eleanor does. As the action picks up, Szabo's writing really shines, especially as Eleanor gears up for the final confrontation that determines her fate. Some graphic descriptions but nothing too off-putting. The magic may be a bit too convenient for some readers and several loose ends remain, but it's an enjoyable and quick read nonetheless.