I really enjoyed it

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I really enjoyed reading this. I loved the setting and the characters. I also really like really enjoyed the main character, Zafira, I loved the way she thought and the way she solved her problems. My favorite character was Altair, he made the series so interesting. He was really fun and interesting to read about. I also liked Nasir, I liked his character a lot. The romance between Zafria and Nasir was really fun to read about but I don’t exactly thing it was enemies to lovers but I still enjoyed reading about it. I also think that the main part of the plot to start took a lot time but after it started picking up pace. I started really enjoying and being interested in what was happening. I really enjoyed the fantasy. I also really enjoyed the writing. I think the biggest problem I had with this book was that it was pretty slow so I was getting a little bored. Overall I think many people would like this book if they don’t mind it being a little slow.